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Hosted By The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, School of Architecture

The Competition winners have been finalized.  Thank you to all who entered!

The top 6 teams and winners of the competition are:

Black Box By Andras Dankhazi, Zsombor Acsady, and Csaba Banati

The Underground Railroad By Nigel Dakin

Island of Memory By Britton Chambers

Music of the Chains By Katarina Radinovic and FIlip Narancic

Denizen By Michael Clesle and Thomas Chan

Palimpsest By Donald Bryant


We also have chosen our honorable mentions:

Oppression's Impressions by Eric Newland

Slave Tree Fountain by Michelle Holguin

Eroding Stone by Alex Dickinson

Breaking the Habit by Kim Sung Yup, Nam Sang Hyeon, and Ju Myeong Hyeon

Now and Then by Jake Begnaud

The Contrabands and Freedman's Cemetery Memorial by Sean Eno


"The writing of history reflects the interests, predilections, and even prejudices of a given generation. This means that at the present time there is an urgent need to re-examine our past in terms of our present outlook."

-John Hope Franklin, "African-American Biography", Vol. 2


Although emancipation was proclaimed over 140 years ago, the institution of slavery and its consequences still has reverberating affects on the everyday lives of Americans. Slavery has been the foundation of this society, culture, and commerce and its consequences can no longer be tolerated in a multi-cultural society.

What is surprising about our understanding of slavery is the lack of public acknowledgment of the institution, its victims, and the journey from bondage to freedom. Out of the thousands of memorials that sit on American soil, very few are to commemorate the victims. Only one has had federal funding.

Manifestations of Memory is a STUDENT ideas competition that has been created to commemorate the African Americans who were enslaved.  This competition is also intended to create a place for open discourse on race relations in America. As John Hope Franklin suggests, it is our generation's turn to “re-examine our past” in order to make a better future.

We invite any university level student to enter their design idea to our website!

 Please take the time to visit the website, read the competition brief, and join the conversation and discourse.


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