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James P. Ball

Objectives of the Memorial and Competition

The following are the goals and objectives of the memorial competition. Each of the objectives should be considered by entrants submitting images and writings to the competition.

Honor and remember the people who were bound as slaves in America.

• Serve as a reminder of the inhumanity of slavery, the humanity of those who were slaves, and the stifling of the physical and intellectual potential of so many Americans held back by this repressive institution. Celebrate the accomplishments of those who were slaves and the successes of those who followed.

• Consider the MANY possible forms and ideas a memorial of American slavery may create.

• Initiate a an open discourse, surrounding American slavery, memorials, and the role of the writers, artists, and designers in representing such atrocities. The resulting work should also bring together a diverse group of students, scholars, and intellectuals to perpetuate the conversation of remembrance.

Competition Outline