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The submitted images should be accompanied by a manifesto (see requirements) that serves as either an abstract supplement or a scholarly explanation of the images. The following ideas are not meant to hinder or restrict the creative process. They are mere general thoughts which should be considered within the context of competition submissions. 


• Contemplation: The submitted designs can be the expression of a vehicle for the contemplation of slavery, social inequality, and history.

• Learning: Without understanding the history and complex relations that slavery has created, one cannot appropriately commemorate it. Education about slavery via the memorial is an important idea which could be reference point in submissions.

• SITE: There is no recommended physical site.  As this is an ideas competition, it is the conceptual quality that is more important than structural detail.  There is no one site for American slavery.  In light of this, it is encouraged that entries submitted are mindful in site selection with reference to a central idea.

• Historic authenticity: The memorial submission could evoke a sense of historical significance and authenticity. This can range from actual artifacts to the relationship of surrounding historical site.


Submission Requirements