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William Edmondson

Henry Patrick Reason

Submission Requirements

Submissions willONLY be accepted via this website. Each submission cancontainup to (10) images. One image must be selected and labeled as the main image. The main image will be that which best represents the overall submission, and will best pair with the manifesto. All images must be submitted as .jpg files.

Any designs not submitted in this format will be automatically disqualified.


Submitted images must be labeled with an ID#, which will be givenfollowing registration. Each image must also have a title(Example: Site plan, plan, precedent image etc.). Each image must be submitted in .jpg format, and must be no more than 1MB. Images should be no less than 100dpi.  The printed size of each image must not exceed 11"x17".

These images can range from architectural drawings (plans, sections, elevations, etc..) to artistic renderings.



The Manifesto is a document that best explains the submitted idea in written form and should offer an explanation of the major goals and concepts that the submitted images convey. The description should clearly explain the project based on the content and goals of the competition. This document can be either a .doc file or in pdf format, and must be no more than 1000 words in length. The manifesto can either be an opportunity for a literal explanation of the idea, or a platform for written expression through poetry, and other forms of creative writing. Ideally, the manifesto is the foundation of the overall submission to the competition.  The manifesto should offer a cleat explanation of the project so the jurors can understand your design ideas.



If chosen as a winner, a second submission in a different format will be requested.

Judging Criteria