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Joseph Cinque

William Hackwood

Atlantic Slave Trade

Hale Woodruff, "Mutiny Aboard the Amistad" oil on canvas, 1939.Amistad:

The slave ship, Amistad, was taken over by 53 slaves in the summer of 1839. While the boat was traveling from Havana Cuba to Principe Cuba, the slaves broke from their chains and overthrew the crew. Led by Joseph Cinque, the slaves sailed out to sea, but were tricked by the some of the crew who brought them to Long Island when they were trying to return to Africa. Once reaching Long Island, the ship was retaken by white sailors and the Africans were imprisoned. While in jail for over 2 years half of the Africans died and the rest were returned to West Africa because the slave trade was banned in the United States.

Source: Horton, James Oliver, and Lois E. Horton. Slavery and the Making of America. New York: Oxford, 2006.